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Ants Control

Did the ants invade your home? We are specialists in the disinsection of insect pests in the Community of Madrid. Ants, like bees, have a queen ant and numerous worker ants. Their nests, the ant hills, are generally outdoors on the ground and form very complex underground galleries with various entrances. When an ant finds food, it leaves a chemical trail that indicates to the rest of the colony where the food source is, guiding them very effectively. Ants hatch from eggs, if they are fertilized, females are born and if they are not, males will be born. A worker ant goes through different phases, the first is to care for the queen and her young, then they go to the phase of excavation and care of the anthill to end up being defenders of the anthill and food gatherers. Ant colonies can live up to thirty years, although workers only reach three. Males only survive a few weeks.

We provide excellent service provide for ants,We have good experience for ants control and use herbal safe and highly effective treatment in residential and offices areas.Basically ants are very small.its can survive underwater they live in colony.more Inquiry 8742964414.

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