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Bedbug Pest Control Services

Insects pest control is Different service provider of pesticides,We offer affordable price services of Bedbug control for your home and commercial areas, We use bayar corporation company material with agenda for Bedbug control services.

We are professional experts in the elimination and control of bed bug pests in Delhi. We carry out disinsection using effective products that kill bedbugs quickly and efficiently, and these are harmless to humans. They reproduce by eggs. Females deposit them in cracks and other shelters such as mattress seams, box springs, furniture, etc. Each female can lay 2 or 3 eggs a day up to 200/500 in her life and the biological cycle from egg to adult is about 4 to 9 weeks. Bedbugs, like ticks, are leathery insects, which means they can fast and withstand low temperatures from unheated buildings. Bed bugs are one of the most common human parasites. Unlike lice, instead of staying to live in the host, they only approach the man to feed (sting) and then hide until the next time, usually at night, who will return to feed again. These are mainly nocturnal insects, so the problem of bed bug pests is usually found mainly in bedrooms. Bedbugs are parasitic and heart-shaped, flattened, and are lentil-like in size and yellowish-brown in color. more Inquiry 8742964414

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